Close Pursuit

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Close Pursuit

Many journalists dream of infiltrating the New York City Police Department. Carsten Stroud has done it, and the result is a book as instinctual, exciting, obsessive and idiosyncratic as the best police work itself. After two years of research and several months with members of NYPD homicide squads, Stroud takes us into the mysterious, closed world he found: a world as sobering as a cop’s first look at a murder victim, as chaotic as the cross talk on a patrol car radio, as ordered as the finely orchestrated choreography of an autopsy, as dangerous as the pursuit of a murder suspect in a crowded Harlem movie theatre where Rambo is playing.

As Stroud follows Gold Shield Homicide Detective Edward Xavier Kennedy through a week of investigations – the stabbing of an out-of-town college student...an unspeakably brutal rape-murder-he explores the psychic landscape of a cop: The low morale that has engulfed the NYPD since the Knapp Commission, the compulsive commitment to the job that still propels the force’s elite, the strange intimacy that binds cop and criminal, the sense of betrayal cops feel when harassed by department “moles,” the fear that disturbs their dreams.

Fast, suspenseful, gritty, sometimes manic. Close Pursuit delivers all the drama of the best cop fiction- plus the power of a true story told in a unique and explosive style. Says writer Nicholas Proffitt: “Like New York City itself, Close Pursuit is an assult on the senses. And it shines a pitiless light on the street cop’s perceived enemies – from the homicidal scum in the streets to the timid ‘slicks’ at One Police Plaza to the ambitious ‘suits’ roaming the halls of justice. This remarkable book is as close as you will come to peering into the soul of a squad room, and a city, without joining up yourself and taking your chances on the mean streets.”

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